We’re AssetBase, a team of professional Property Advisors with a passion for helping everyday Australians build wealth through property (with proven results!)

If you’re looking to buy your first investment property, build your portfolio or an ADF investor, we’re here to make your property goals a reality.

AssetBase provides bespoke property investment advice to everyday Australians seeking wealth and financial freedom.


We work closely with our clients to understand their investment goals and financial position in depth, and create bespoke investment strategies suited to their needs.


Our love for property investment and providing expert advice  is the reason why we go above and beyond for our clients,
rather than being your typical ‘Buyer’s Agent’. We do this at zero cost to you. Why? Your success is our success. 


Our clients are our clients for life. We partner with you from strategy to settlement, through to the build, tenancy and beyond.

Meet Joshua Boctorani,
Our Co-CEO

How to build wealth so you can live the life you deserve.

Meet Nathan Lewes,
Our Co-CEO

How to do something smart with your money right now.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

As one of Australia’s leading property investment advisories, our mission is to provide everyday Australians with quality investment advice, helping them navigate the complexities of the property market. 


We assist first-time and seasoned investors make smart, informed real estate purchases and map out bespoke investment strategies aligned to their goals. 


We also specialise in assisting current and veteran ADF members launch into the investment property market, taking advantage of government schemes and incentives. 

Our goal is to be the property investment consulting partner of choice, a goal we will attain by showing our ability to understand individual needs, providing open and transparent communication and building long-lasting relationships.

In a world full of noise, it is hard to know who to speak to, who to listen to and who to trust.

We’ve helped 100s of everyday Australians build wealth through property

40+ years of

450+ properties

Over 200 lives

$115 Million+ in Real Estate acquired

$55 Million+ projected growth over 10 years

Joshua Boctorani

Managing Director

Nathan Lewes

Managing Director

Max Yeung

Property Advisor

Carlo Surace

Property Advisor

Jessica Erickson Thornton

Sales and Construction Manager  

Holly Bagley

Head of Marketing

Bradley Da Silva

Sales Associate

James Cooper

Sales Associate

Britney Mitaros

Administration and Office Assistant