• NSW Police Force
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospital & Nursing
  • Australian Defence Force

Are​ you​ part​ of​ the​ Australian Defence Force? NSW​ Police​ Force?​ Nursing​ Sector?​ or​ Emergency​ Services​ that​ help​ keep​ our state​ and country running​ daily?

Are ​you looking​ to​ try​ and​ do​ something​ smart​ with​ your​ money​ that​ you​ have​ worked​ hard​ and saved​ for​ so​ that​ you​ can​ set yourself​ up​ down​ the​ track?

Do ​you​ feel​ that​ the​ property​ market​ has​ moved​ too​ quickly​ for​ you​ to​ make​ a​ move and​ you​ need help​ getting​ the​ right​ advice​ and​ education,​ so​ you​ can​ make​ a start?

The team​ at​ AssetBase​ work​ with​ everyday​ Australians,​ but​ we​ are​ passionate about our​ BACK​ to BASE​ program​ that​ provides​ a​ streamlined investment​ approach​ specifically​ tailored​ for​ our​ Australian Defence Force, NSW Police Force,​ Nursing​ Sector and​ Emergency​ Services.

Working in​ the​ Defence Force and Emergency​ Services​ leaves​ most​ of​ our​ clients​ with​ very​ little​ time do focus on anything else, let alone investing​ strategically for​ their​ future.​ Between​ the​ shift​ work, high intensity day​ to​ day​ operations​ and​ exhausting​ nature​ of​ the​ job,​ we​ want​ to​ help​ you​ with​ your​ property goals​ so​ you​ can​ focus​ on​ the bigger things.

With added​ incentives​ on​ offer,​ there​ is​ even​ more reason​ to​ have​ a​ chat​ about​ your​ investment goals​ today.