Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists: Joshua Boctorani

An experienced authority in the property industry.

Joshua Boctorani has long been involved in Australia’s finance and property industry, with more than 13 years of experience.

After completing a Finance and Economics Degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, he began his career in investment banking, before joining a nationwide financial planning firm. Here, he rose through the ranks to become a financial adviser, senior real estate consultant and then a State Manager across both South Australia and New South Wales.

After co-founding AssetBase in early 2017, Josh now takes great pride and pleasure in sourcing great property deals for purchasers across various states in Australia.

With AssetBase now flourishing, Josh loves assisting everyday Mums and Dads build wealth through property – helping them plan for a comfortable retirement.

Joshua Boctorani and Nathan Lewes. Managing Directors of AssetBase and both recognised as one of Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists 2018.

Nominee’s three achievements

1. Josh is proud to have built a business in Sydney with his business partner, Nathan Lewes. Together they created a real estate agency which sources unique properties for their clients who are looking to invest.

Most clients are everyday mums and dads who are looking to secure their future by building a property portfolio.

Members of the NSW Police Force, Australian Defence Force and Nurses are also frequent clients of AssetBase and will enjoy some extra incentives upon their property purchase.

2. His close ties to family make purchasing his family home from his parents such a rewarding achievement. While Josh’s advice to clients is to purchase a property based on the numbers to support your goals, he knew he wanted to own the special piece of real estate so ingrained in his family.

House prices in Sydney make this quite a feat in modern times, and this achievement is certainly one that is dear to Josh.

3. Perhaps the proudest achievement is also the longest in the making. Josh’s extended family have never shared the passion for property that drew him into the industry.

He has worked with many members in his family to educate them about the market and what’s involved in sourcing and acquiring a property.

It’s been a fair few years in the making, but working with his family to secure their future by building their asset base has been one of Josh’s finest moments.

He’s proud to say that the decisions his family has made have set them up for an easier retirement when the time comes.

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