Support PCYC when you invest in property

Invest in your future with property.

We’ll invest in the future of young champions at PCYC City of Sydney.

We love the work that the police programs at PCYC City of Sydney are doing for young kids.

They provide support, activities, mentoring and hands-on help for young people who need it most.

To help see more people reach their potential, we’re going to back young gymnasts by covering the cost of one term of lessons.

The gymnastics lessons empower students to achieve their goals by practicing discipline and challenging themselves.

From March 2019, for every investment property that we help a client to secure, we’re going to cover the cost of one term of gymnastics lessons for a young champion.

Ensuring that every person has the opportunity to reach their potential is at the heart of what AssetBase does.

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Joshua Boctorani & Nathan Lewes

Joshua Boctorani & Nathan Lewes

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