Why we support PCYC City of Sydney

PCYC, Police Citizens Youth Club

The PCYC is an important organisation who work with the NSW Police and community to empower young people to reach their potential. The organisation has been growing over the past 80 years and runs programs in 64 sport and recreational locations across New South Wales.

The connection between PCYC City of Sydney and AssetBase

We have been working closely with members of the NSW Police Force since Assetbase was launched. It’s a special, although unofficial partnership, which is extremely rewarding. It’s also deeply personal for me, and I’m very proud to share that my wife, Diana, is a member of the NSW Police Force.

The experiences she shares with me from her “day job” has given me special insight into the requirements and high expectations of our police. It’s a career that requires a pretty exceptional person.

Diana, the NSW Police Officer/Gymnast

When AssetBase was launched, it offered me the opportunity to provide financial help to the PCYC City of Sydney at Woolloomooloo. It was here that Diana launched a program in her spare time to mentor and teach young girls the sport of gymnastics. The group of eight girls receive coaching from Diana, who runs this project on top of her work as NSW Police Officer.

It’s known that being active and playing sport has many positive effects on young people, which is one of the reasons we support this program so passionately.

“Growing up doing gymnastics, I do know that the lessons you learn can be felt in other aspects of your life.”

Diana Ucles

How do sport and fitness help young people?

Boosted self esteem

Learning teamwork and problem-solving

Better results academically

Reduction of pressure and stress

More on that here

The promising young gymnast

When Diana shared the situation of one of her talented students, who had a natural talent for the sport of gymnastics but lacked funds to afford further lessons with a more established training centre, I knew I could help.

With the help of a $2,000 scholarship from AssetBase, the young gymnast shone in 2018 and completed the year of training. The gymnastics club she attended have been delighted to work with her to nurture her natural talent and ability, and they have offered her a further scholarship so she can continue her training in 2019.

We wish her the best of luck for her bright future as a gymnast.


AssetBase will continue to support the PCYC City of Sydney because we strongly believe their initiatives improve our society.

The pivotal role of the NSW Police Force in our culture is strengthened through these programs and there are many young people who can take advantage of what’s on offer to build their own bright future.

All businesses have an important role in their local area and using the resources we have, we can lend a helping hand and support those who need it.

Picture of Nathan Lewes

Nathan Lewes

Managing Director nathan@assetbase.com.au

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